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Maryberry’s Hollywood Part Three (THE BIT IN THE END)

The last act is always the shortest. You’ve nearly made it. Thank you for your perseverance. My last months and weeks in LA were pretty good, as I got to spend time with people I was very fond of. Two most lovely guys, Aaron and Kenji, formed an illustrious pub quiz team with me. At our weekly get-togethers at Barney’s Beanery, we looked like a shiny happy Pepsi commercial, if you know what I mean. I eventually moved out of my flat in Hollywood and settled in with a couple a bit further West down Santa Monica Boulevard during my last few weeks. I had met them both a while back in Austria via friends. The male half of the liaison, Bernhard, was an Austrian chef who had opened up an Austrian sausage bar in downtown LA. He was ever so generous, letting me stay in the Spare Oom of their beautiful house in Westwood. The female half, Cindy, was an interior designer and beautiful lass from all over the place, and we easily connected via our shared love for anything British. I recognised
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Maryberry’s Hollywood Part Two (THE MIDDLE BIT)

Welcome back to the long and winding road that is the recapitulation of my Hollywood Days. I can’t believe you’re still with me. As any second act, this one is the longest and meanders around. Consider yourself warned. We’re now a bit further down the road. I found a flat in the lovingly dodgy heart of Hollywood with a fantastic taqueria nearby, settled in, and got going on some sort of daily routine of living, writing, and miscellaneous work. I started each day with a run in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, listening to Aerosmith. I placed my writing desk at an angle so I could see the humming birds outside my window, doing their humming thing around the lemon trees. I started working with a few small productions. One that sits very fondly in my memory was a costume gig I landed through an acquaintance. I had done some costuming back in Vienna so I felt girt going into this little production. It did quickly bring me back down to Earth, as I was asked to conjure up not only futuri

Maryberry’s Hollywood Part One (THE BIT IN THE BEGINNING)

In a few months it will be two years since I have left Los Angeles for Vienna, and yes, it took me this long to outline, write, and finish an entry that I started writing back in my Hollywood flat . Luckily, the delay comes from a good place: I have been busy building a professional writing career in Austria, so stuff I have to write has gotten in the way of stuff I want  to write. Not really though, since most of the writing I have to do these days gives me pleasure. Especially if I know it’s going to pay the rent. I spent one and a half years in Los Angeles, strolling the Walk of Fame like any other sad soul. Because I’m a writer (which is still a scary and preposterous thing to admit to myself) I feel the urge to put my experiences into words. This particular one, I offer to you, the anonymous readership, out in the ether. M y experience was a very specific one, that of a white European female in Los Angeles, and thus only offers a very narrow perspective on things. It

Shaun the Sheep Movie VS. Fantastic Four

           The idea for this blog came from my dearest of all friends at the home front and one of the most creative and kindest minds I’ve ever encountered, Bernardo W. Tejedor. I told him that I was about to see Fantastic Four , but had decided against it after reading the horrific reviews this shitstorm of a movie received. If a director tweets shit about his own film, you know where you’re at. I went to see Shaun the Sheep instead and was completely and utterly enchanted. Tejedor in his infinite wisdom suggested I watch Fantastic Four anyway and write a comparison of the two summer flicks. He admitted though that even his kind mind had fallen asleep during the premiere of Fanta Four . Comparing the two movies is clearly an impossible feat. But since watching Mission Impossible , we all know, again, that nothing is (impossible), and I feel thoroughly girt. A bit of background information about both films, starting with the one that I liked: Shaun the Sheep Mo