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... the S stands for Hope

Oh, Superman.
We all love ourselves some Henry Cavill. Many of us, I'm convinced, have been left with a dry mouth after The Tudor pilot and in hope that one day, when the time was right and the planets aligned, we would catch a glimspe of Henry's genitals. Somewhere along the way and several (6) Tudor wives later, we stopped hoping and settled for his pretty face and hairy therefore surprisingly masculine chest.

Nonetheless, many of us (I know of at least one other person) squealed in delight when the news reached us that Cavill's masculinty - our favourite Brit (apart from Cumberbatch, McKellen, Gleeson, the Monty Python's, Mr. Bean, Maggie Smith, Beckinsale, Picard, Brian Cox, everybody at the IT Crowd and many more) - would be lending his loins to America's favourite however boring superhero: the Superman. We hyperventilated in anticipation, and our boyfriends mocked us and rushed to the gym in a desparate fit of inadequacy.

And then came the film and the exchan…

Outlining Software/Freeware

As a screenwriter, I usually use Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter. They are both costly, however the industry standard - so if you intend to enter/get into a love-relationship with the indstry there is no way around either of them.

Freeware CeltX still has issues with orphans at the foot of pages and the conversion into pdf-files.
Trelby looks neat and so far has been working fine. And it has a purple hat for a desktop icon if that's what sells it to you. As far as I know, the Trelby folks are still working on a Mac version.

(CeltX and Adobe Story both have cloud-based platforms, which I am still flabbergasted by. I'll let you know when I find out what on earth they are about.)

Now, if you are looking for free outlining software here's what I can thoroughly recommend:
Treepad Lite (freeware version of its mothership Treepad) enables you to do, in fact, not much. But, as we all know, less is sometimes more and more can sometimes distract from the main focus. Treepad …