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Venice - Santa Monica - Hollywood

Good Day everybody,

many days later and my LA adventure still continues.  Me, the screenwriter in hope of fame and fortune in a kingdom far far away. Over 60 applications, 2 interviews down. I'll keep plodding.

I have successfully moved out of my gross wee hostel in Venice Beach and play with the big boys in Hollywood now. The grossness also increased subtantially since my two Russian girlfriends left me and were replaced by three guys:
One, I never really saw. Whenever I put my head to rest, he wasn't home yet, and whenever I woke up, he was already gone. It's a mystery.
Two, a hairy moustached Pakistani with too much energy, a Persian carpet, and unpredictable snoring habits.
Three, a Greek musician, mostly running around naked, with everything, yes EVERYthing hanging out, but a cute accent. "Are you go to the beats?" [beach]
Needless to say, it was dire time to move on. On a sidenote, the hostel also blocked domains like youtube and imdb, and quite frankly, th…